Corporate Terms & Conditions

Corporate Terms & Conditions

Corporate terms & conditions


Canberra Airport maintains Conditions of Use for the Airport (the COUs) which set out the basis on which airport users are authorised to access the Airport and use the services (including the runways, taxiways, aircraft parking areas and other aeronautical services and facilities) in the absence of a separate written agreement.
Canberra Airport regularly reviews and updates the COUs. In this respect, we note that Canberra Airport has recently undertaken a review of the COUs and will be implementing revised COUs in accordance with clause 7 of the current COUs.

A copy of these revised COUs, which will apply from 1 July 2024, is available below.
Whilst we invite you to review and consider the COUs in relation to your own operations at the Airport, Canberra Airport would like to draw your attention to the following matters which have been updated following our latest review:

• fees and charges for aircraft movements (both scheduled and unscheduled), including updates to the kinds of charges that may be payable;
• charges for aircraft parking, where the new charging structure is designed to reflect how operators use particular aprons and other parking areas; and
• payment terms and processes, including the process that Canberra Airport may implement in relation to any failure to pay relevant Charges.

The COUs apply to all operators at the Airport who have not entered into other agreements or arrangements with Canberra Airport in relation to relevant services to be provided at the Airport.

Please feel free to contact in relation to Canberra Airport’s COUs.

Airport Conditions of Use (COU) can be accessed here

The Prior Notice of Aircraft Movement booking form referred to in Schedule 1:RPT, Freight and Charter operator charges can be accessed here.

The Light Recreational Aircraft (LRA) annual permit application form referred to in Schedule 2: General Aviation charges can be accessed here.

The Light Commercial Aircraft (LCA) annual permit application form referred to in Schedule 2: General Aviation charges can be accessed here.

Carpark pricing

Canberra Airport does not differentiate car parking between short-stay and long-stay parking areas. You can park in any of our car parks, for any length of stay, at the rates outlined in the Parking Rates outlined on this website.