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Media Centre

We enjoy a close working relationship with key media in Canberra and around Australia, and we will continue to make every effort to assist media in obtaining footage, interviews and material for news, current affairs, publications and other outlets. However, due to security and safety processes involved in airport operations, we require prior notification for all media activities being undertaken within the Terminal precinct.

  • We require at least one hour's prior notice of any camera crew, photographers, videographers, or journalists wishing to access airport facilities via text or phone call to 0455 227 711. Please include the names of any visitors and the associated outlet, as well as the location, time, and duration of the requested visit.
  • Failure to notify Canberra Airport staff of a media-related visit to the airport before the visit or accessing an area of the airport that you were not given permission to be in can result in you being asked to leave immediately.
  • News crews and non-travelling journalists are not permitted in airside locations of the terminals (i.e. beyond security) without prior permission.
  • Requests for filming of check-in counters and airline staff should, be approved by the relevant airline as well as the airport.
  • Under no circumstances can security activities, equipment personnel or people dealing with security equipment be filmed or photographed.
  • Media agencies are to park within the public car parks. Parking on the Axial Road either upper or lower levels, especially in the loading zones, is not allowed and will result in a parking infringement notice.
  • Additionally, we will not tolerate belligerent, harassing, or menacing behaviour toward employees, travellers, or public figures at any location on airport property. Violating this rule will result in an immediate request for you to leave the premises and possibly limited future access for you or your news organisation.

    Media Enquiries

    Please contact our Communications and Media Officer on 0455 227 711.

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