3-6-1 live crowd-funding event

3-6-1 live crowd-funding event

3-6-1 live crowd-funding event

08 August 2019

The Funding Network Canberra will gather again this year on Wednesday 11 September at the Vibe Hotel at Canberra Airport to support incredible not-for-profits that are changing our community in unique and powerful ways.

This year’s live crowd-funding event will have three entrepreneurial leaders in the not-for-profit space, making a live six-minute pitch to the audience.  It is a crowdfunding event like no other and has been successful in raising funds for start-ups all over Australia.

Importantly, it is not about giving large amounts but about the crowd making pledges of $100 to $300. It’s the power of the crowd that successfully raises significant sums for new approaches to tackling some of our largest problems.

The chosen three entrepreneurs include Bus Stop Films; Stella Bella Little Stars Foundation; and The Farm in Galong. Each group has innovative programs that are trying to make a massive difference to underserved parts of our community.

This is the third event which takes a fresh approach to fundraising for grassroots organisations. Past events have raised more than $150,000 and helped organisations like GG’s Flowers, MIEACT, Women’s Health Matters, Global Sisters, Malpa and Paperworks.


Cost: $20.00 per attendee                                                          
 11 September 2019
Time: 5.30pm for 6pm start
Venue: The Vibe Hotel, 1 Rogan St, Canberra Airport