5 apps to download before you hit Singapore

5 apps to download before you hit Singapore

5 apps to download before you hit Singapore

15 May 2019

Heading to The Lion City for the first time? Try these apps to get a guide where to eat, explore and get the most out of your adventure in Singapore from the moment you step off the plane.

Visit Singapore Travel Guide

The Masjid Sultan mosque located in Kampong Glam, Singapore.

Hot tip: download this app the second (or even before) you book your trip to start planning your dream Singapore experience. With categories like Socialiser, Explorer, Foodie, Collector, Action Seeker and Culture Shaper, you can use the app to design an experience that’s uniquely yours.

The app’s articles include recommendations for nightlife, accommodation, shopping experiences, tours, and food. But for those who yearn for that next layer down – new stories and unseen sights – the app is also perfect.

According to Singaporeans, the journey is just as important as the destination, so the app allows you to discover other places of interest along your route. Besides providing directions to your destination, the app will recommend a number of interesting people and places along the way.

Download the app here.


Say hello to Singapore’s version of Uber. If you’re not up for facing public transport or don’t have time to cycle across the city via Mobike (see below), simply hit the call button and a Grab vehicle will be at your doorstep in minutes. Grab drivers are, of course, locals so hit them up for places to eat and to explore that aren’t so mainstream.

Get the Grab app on iTunes and Google Play.

Food Panda

Chinatown precinct, Singapore.

The famous hot pink app brings dishes from 400 restaurants right to your door. Choose from Chinese, Singaporean, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and Vietnamese food (or there’s a ‘Western’ option if you’re feeling homesick or you have picky kids) or specific food groups like sushi, sandwiches and chicken. Food Panda offers new specials daily and free delivery from some restaurants.

Download Food Panda for iPhone here.

Download Food Panda for Android here.


No, it’s not an app that geolocates the nearest golf course – it’s Singapore’s on-demand dry cleaning and laundry app that literally delivers to your door.

While hotels generally offer a laundry service, Piing is low cost and can be used if you’re staying at a hostel or an Airbnb. The app offers free pick-up of your laundry within 60 minutes, live tracking of your order and next-day delivery of your clean clothes. Which means more time to get out and about and explore the island.

Get Piing on iTunes here. And on Android here.


Grab yourself a bike-share with Mobike

Bike-share app Mobike is perfect for travelling to the nearest train station, a neighbourhood market or to a nearby venue or event. The app helps you find a bike, cycle to your destination of choice and then store the bike safely for the next user.

Mobike instantly shows ‘bikes near you’, which can be unlocked with a QR code. On arrival at your destination, manually lock the bike to end the trip. Mobikes cost around AU$1 per 30 minutes.

Download Mobike for iPhone. or Mobike for Android.

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