Botanical Watercolours at Canberra Airport

Botanical Watercolours at Canberra Airport

Botanical Watercolours at Canberra Airport

09 February 2015

An artistic spin off from a three year environmental project has been installed at Canberra Airport.

The collection of watercolours of local wildflowers by award-winning botanical artist Sharon Field was commissioned by Greening Australia which partnered with Canberra Airport for a three-year trial to determine cost effective methods to improve the condition of Natural Temperate Grasslands.

Greening Australia project manager Graham Fifield said the project was the first of its kind, and had delivered advancements in knowledge, skills and techniques to restore grasslands as well as developed tools to identify the best sites for future restoration.

“Greening Australia has been restoring Australian landscapes for almost thirty five years. Of particular interest is the restoration and reconnection of grasslands and that experience and scientific knowhow has been critical to the success of this project,” Mr Fifield said.

The species depicted in the artworks can be found in the grasslands at Canberra Airport and across the wider Canberra region.

Artist Sharon Field said: “Art is transforming what is taken for granted. Every day people see trees and flowers but so few stop to look around and appreciate what nature has provided in such exquisite detail, diversity and abundance.”

Some of the species painted for the exhibition include the floral emblem of the ACT, the royal bluebell (Wahlenbergia gloriosa), Nodding Chocolate Lily (Dichopogon fimbriatus), Scaly Button (Leptorhynchos squamatus) and Hoary Sunray (Leucochrysum albicans).

Canberra Airport Managing Director Stephen Byron said: “Sustainability is a key consideration in everything we do at Canberra Airport, from our water recycling to five and six green star rated buildings to our tri-generation power plant to consideration of our natural environment, such as this project.

“We are delighted to have worked with Greening Australia to learn more about improving the condition of natural temperate grasslands and now to be able to exhibit this exquisite artwork on loan from Greening Australia.

“It is a perfect union of Canberra Airport’s commitment to the environment and public art.”

The collection is installed in the foyer of 23 Brindabella Circuit, Brindabella Business Park and is open during business hours. Admission is free of charge.