Canberra Airport Enlightened

Canberra Airport Enlightened

Canberra Airport Enlightened

26 February 2015

Canberra Airport will be in sync with the launch of this year’s Enlighten festival tonight, when the switch is thrown on an installation of 260 metres of strip lighting under the elevated roadway leading to the terminal.

The LED linear strip lighting which took a month to install has been purpose designed and built to specification including extruded powder coated aluminium housing and reflectors.

Canberra Airport Manager Aviation Projects, Richard Phillips, said the lighting system had seven field control units linked back to a central control system which meant the colours and timing could be programmed into particular patterns, or for special events.

“The concept for illuminating the elevated road structure has always been in our plan. It was originally conceived using a cold cathode system, but with the progress of LED lighting technology we have now installed this very energy efficient, fully-programmable system which accentuates the architecture form of the upper level drop off area.

“The beauty of the newer technology is that we can program it to represent a certain suite of colours, for example, we could have ACT colours during tournaments or club colours for our local teams during significant events.”

The strip lighting adds to the ever-changing lights of the water vortex sculptures and other lighting features and public art already installed at Canberra Airport.

“We are delighted to be able to launch this new addition to our lighting in conjunction with the ACT’s hugely popular Enlighten festival and hope that it will add that little bit extra to the experience of visitors and locals alike,” Mr Phillips said.

The strip lighting will be turned on at dusk and off at daylight.