Canberra Airport launches ambitious 5-year route development plan

Canberra Airport launches ambitious 5-year route development plan

Canberra Airport launches ambitious 5-year route development plan

03 May 2024

Canberra Airport has today unveiled its ambitious 5-year Route Development Plan, a vision that could potentially see our domestic and international network expand to over 22 destinations. This growth could also lead to an increase in our existing airlines, from 8 to an impressive 13 airlines.

‘We believe that providing a greater choice of carriers and destinations not only makes prices more competitive but also opens up boundless opportunities for our community, connecting our city to the rest of the country and the world, said Michael Thomson, Head of Aviation.

"These opportunities are not just about enhancing connectivity; they're about strengthening business connections, driving economic development, and creating jobs, as well as fostering tourism and attracting international students to our vibrant city."

Over the next five years, we anticipate the reintroduction of esteemed airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways, and we are in a wide range of discussions with airlines including Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, and potentially Vietjet Air, as well as the growth of the footprint of our existing airline partners.

‘We have already laid extensive groundwork, engaging with airlines both domestically and internationally. In the coming months, we will further strengthen these partnerships through targeted presentations and meetings in Hong Kong at the end of May, New Zealand in June, and Singapore later this year to present our plan.

We are in close contact with the ACT Government and the ACT Chief Minister to deliver on these ambitions, as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs, Austrade and the Diplomatic community.

"We believe that improving accessibility to key domestic and international markets is crucial as the gateway to the nation's capital. Our strategic plan aims to transform the Airport into a hub of connectivity, economic activity, and cultural exchange. We are expanding our network to play a significant role in driving the growth and prosperity of our community. This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to serving our community and propelling our city onto the global stage."