Canberra Airport launches facial recognition technology

Canberra Airport launches facial recognition technology

Canberra Airport launches facial recognition technology

27 July 2018

As part of the effort to secure the most sensitive areas of Canberra Airport, sterile areas are now protected by facial recognition technology, in addition to manual and physical ID checks.

Working with Noahface, a leader in facial recognition use for door access, employee time and attendance and customer service, Canberra Airport has installed several security points that require a positive facial recognition for access by airport employees, and contractors working at the airport.

“We no longer want to rely on security cards and keys alone to secure the most sensitive areas of the airport. We believe the bar must be set higher than that,” says Stephen Byron, Managing Director of Canberra Airport. “Not only does Noahface’s technology limit unauthorised access, it also provides a secure photographic record and timeline of who enters or exits sterile areas.”

After months of trials, Canberra Airport staff are using this two-factor authorisation that includes a facial reading and a physical key to enter their workspaces. In the most secure areas, a three-factor authorisation is required—a manual ID check by security personnel, a facial reading and a key, presented after the employee or contractor goes through the same screening that passengers undergo.

“We wanted the best technology to verify that people meet three critical requirements: people are who they say they are, they are only allowed to be in areas where they are authorised to be, and they are there only at authorised times. This system does all of that in about a second,” says Mr Byron.

Noahface’s facial recognition technology system is operational in the terminal and will soon be expanded to Capital Airport Group’s corporate offices as well. In addition to added security for employees by adding a photographic record of office entries, this technology allows employees convenient, hands-free entry to locked office doors.