Airfield lighting upgrades to Canberra Airport

Airfield lighting upgrades to Canberra Airport

Airfield lighting upgrades to Canberra Airport

07 June 2018

Canberra Airport is upgrading our airfield lighting system that will help to reduce fog delays during the winter months.

The new Category II lighting system, will provide better visibility for pilots and allow them to get closer to the runway during attempts to land. Currently, on approach, pilots can go as low as 200 feet above the runway before deciding if they have enough visibility to land. The new lighting system will allow them to get just 100 feet off the ground, much closer to the runway and lights, making landing for pilots much easier and reduce the likelihood of diversions. For passengers, this means more aircraft can land, saving time and increasing safety in adverse weather.

This airfield lighting upgrade will make the Airport’s main runway a full Category II, internationally-compliant, low-visibility operation in July 2018. Canberra Airport has collaborated with airlines, Airservices Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and contractors to deliver this upgrade. This is the latest project in our “A Minute Matters” initiative, which recognises the value of our customers’ time and strives to move passengers quickly through the airport and on and off flights.

“We know guests will be comfortable in our terminal, but they also want to get to their destinations without cancellations or delays, and this is another way for us to show them we understand every minute matters,” says Mr Byron.

Past Canberra Airport upgrades to enhance safety, efficiency and passenger comfort include:

Runway lengthening and strengthening to allow service for Boeing 747 long-haul flights in 2006 New terminal design and construction, unveiled in 2013, CBR’s 100th birthday year An additional gate and aerobridges at the terminal, to reduce passenger delays during peak periods