Design Canberra | "Twin Minigagarin" lands

Design Canberra | "Twin Minigagarin" lands

Design Canberra | "Twin Minigagarin" lands

05 November 2019

We are proud to be part of Design Canberra Festival, hosting Twin Minigagarin in our departures hall.

Acclaimed Berlin-based team, Plastique Fantastique, have created a new inflatable installation, responding to Canberra Airport’s architecture and sense of place. The futuristic, pneumatic structure invites people to enter, have fun and be active in public space.

Twin Minigagarin embodies appropriate and respectful use of materials. The structure is reusable and modular,  allowing the individual pods to be reconfigured and enabling a meaningful connection to the site.

Installation and deinstallation are rapid and require minimal labor. Anchoring is only by sandbags; sand is later donated to schools. The structure is packed in a box for shipping to other locations to be re-installed.  The compact shipping profile means minimal transportation emissions.

After their layover at Canberra Airport the twins will continue their journey, activating sites in cities all over the world.

Twin Minigagarin is open to the public on Wednesday 6 Nov 1pm – 5pm, Thursday 7 Nov 6am – 4pm*

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*in the case of unforeseen conservation requirements , times open to the public may vary.