Exporting the region to the world

Exporting the region to the world

Exporting the region to the world

24 May 2017

Canberra Airport hosted the launch of the 2017 ACT Chief Minister’s Export Awards at the terminal on 24 May with Chief Minister Andrew Barr on hand to officially open the event.

The awards are a celebration of the achievements and successes by Canberra’s exporters across the past year and also stand to showcase the role the Airport can play in helping to export the Canberra region to the world.

“We’re proud to be sponsors of such an important program for the exporters of Canberra and the region,” said Canberra Airport’s Managing Director Stephen Byron.

“A driver for increasing exports from the region has certainly been the arrival of Singapore Airlines flights starting last September, which not only carries passengers but can carry around 20 tonnes of cargo and freight to virtually anywhere in the world.”

The arrival of Singapore Airlines

Chief Minster Barr said there has been rapid growth in exports coming out of the ACT recently, well ahead of the Australian average.

“The arrival of Singapore Airlines flights has opened up opportunities for freight in a way that we haven’t had before, so from here, the growth potential is huge,” said Mr Barr at the awards launch.

“We are very keen through these awards to promote the good work that is already occurring and to encourage others to consider exporting their goods or services.”

Canberra Airport’s 2014 Master Plan outlines its vision to develop the airport as a facility to service the capital and surrounding region as a hub for passengers and freight.

“The ACT Government, together with the NSW and Federal governments, is going to be focused on investing in enabling infrastructure like improving road access to Canberra Airport,” added the Chief Minister.

“This investment will not only support exporters here inside the ACT but also from around the NSW region to get their goods and services into these international markets.”

Winners of this year’s awards will be announced on 12 October.