Firefighters Accomodation

Firefighters Accomodation

Firefighters Accomodation

16 January 2017

The Capital Airport Group is working to assist Airservices Australia to provide temporary accommodation for its firefighters, until ASA can provide upgraded facilities.

The Group, which also owns the precinct of Fairbairn, has already offered the use of bungalows near the old guard house at Fairbairn for firefighters wishing to rest during or between their shifts.

Contrary to last night’s 7 National News report, Canberra Airport has no responsibility for the management of the fire units, which are on duty whenever the control tower is open.

In a statement to Channel 7, Airservices Australia said it was currently working with the Capital Airport Group as part of a project designed to upgrade the Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) station at the Airport to allow it to better deliver its valuable safety service to the aviation industry.

The station upgrade project includes improved rest areas for fire fighters and an expanded fire vehicle engine bay.

ASA confirmed that it would continue to work with Capital Airport Group to move forward with the station upgrade, and had been in discussions on appropriate permanent and temporary arrangements, which would allow it to meet regulatory requirements.

The Capital Airport Group is disappointed that the news report implied that Canberra Airport was responsible for providing rest areas for firefighters, when it is the responsibility of Airservices Australia to resolve the issue on behalf of its employees.

For further information, contact:

Niree Creed, Media Adviser, Capital Airport Group