Indigenous Marathon Project

Indigenous Marathon Project

Indigenous Marathon Project

18 October 2019

Each year, the Indigenous Marathon Project begins with a group of 12 Indigenous Australians (six men and six women) who are selected to run in the New York City Marathon with just six months of training.

This year, Canberra Airport’s Nick McDonald Crowley is heading off with the squad to take part in the NYC Marathon and yep, it’s 42.195 excruciating kilometres of pain.

We say, good luck to you all!

The Indigenous Marathon Project isn’t just about achieving this massive feat, it’s part of an amazing project creating deadly leaders. The project uses the simple sport of running to change lives and provide a sense of empowerment, purpose and pride to celebrate achievement and create inspirational Indigenous leaders. These Indigenous Australians become healthy lifestyle leaders and return to their communities as agents of change, inspiring and encouraging people in their communities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

Find out more on this amazing project The Indigenous Marathon Foundation visit and if you are able and would like to donate, follow the footprints

Image: Nick McDonald Crowley, Canberra Airport, proudly receiving his corporate runner position with the Indigenous Marathon Project