“Introspection” at Canberra Airport

“Introspection” at Canberra Airport

“Introspection” at Canberra Airport

21 March 2014

The latest addition to the sculpture collection at Canberra Airport is now installed adjacent to Gate 10 to intrigue and delight travellers.

“Introspection”, a life-size bronze sculpture of two women sitting, is the creation of Canberra Airport’s sculptor-in-residence and world-renowned figurative sculptor, Ante Dabro.

This brings to twelve the number of major sculptures located around the airport precinct, and is the fifth Dabro on display, joining previous commissions including “The Bathers”, “Dancer”, “Susanne” and “Genesis”.

“When I was asked to create a work for the departure lounge, immediately I knew it had to be of the right scale to blend in with the people passing through, waiting for planes, and to be very much part of the life going on around them,” Dabro said.

“I thought about how they would sit, how people would relate to them, sit near them, touch them, and how the passengers would respond to that interaction.”

Dabro is already at work on his next commission for Canberra Airport, a figurative sculpture of a mother and child to be located near the new airport hotel, due for completion in October 2015.

Canberra Airport’s commitment to public art is unique in the world aviation sector with an ongoing program of commissions for the airport terminal and precinct and more installations to occur in the coming months.

“Canberra Airport is often the first impression people get of our national capital. We want people to feel inspired and uplifted when they arrive here,” said Managing Director Stephen Byron.

“Throughout the terminal and airport precincts we have sculptures that make you stop, look and ponder, if only for a second, trouble you a little, inspire you, remind you of the stars in the sky, and make you smile. And in that moment it will have suspended the mundanity of everyday life.”