Missing sculpture found and new art on its way

Missing sculpture found and new art on its way

Missing sculpture found and new art on its way

29 August 2018

You may have noticed that our beloved, kinetic, wind-driven, sculpture ‘Journeys’ by Phil Price is missing. Not to worry, we have taken it down to give it a little, tender, loving care.  Right now, it is in a hangar, here at the airport, in lots of different pieces.

Did you know that it’s got 22 moving joints? Each part only has to move a small amount and you get the overall sense that’s just floating or gently spinning. But after several years in the sun, rain and wind, it needs a little specialist work to keep it looking shiny and new.

Check out this video of the special equipment needed to move each disc, during piece-by-piece repair.  They can weigh between 80 and 300 kilos!


Journeys in restoration

Once each piece is carefully refurbished by a specialist, carbon-fibre artisan and repainted, it will be reassembled and hoisted high above the ground at the entrance to the airport, to once again greet travellers!

In the meantime, we are getting ready to welcome a new sculpture as part of the Contour 556 public art festival. The sculpture is by up and coming Canberra artist, Sian Watson. She uses animals as motifs to explore themes such as migration and urbanisation. Her sculpture ‘Unattended’ will be presented against our wall of windows in our main terminal. This will be its final landing place from 10-28 October 2018.  You can see more of Sian’s work here.