New security body scanners

New security body scanners

New security body scanners

22 July 2020

Your safety and security is the highest priority at Canberra Airport, so we have introduced new security body scanners for departing passengers.

Body scanners provide an additional layer of security detection with the equipment capable of detecting non-metallic prohibited items worn or carried on one’s body.

The scanners use non-ionising millimetre wave technology which emit low power levels and meets the health regulations in relation to licencing compliance. As such, internal medical devices including pacemakers and metal implants or women pregnant will not be adversely affected.

Persons with a medical or physical condition that may prevent them from being screened by a body scanner will need to advise the screening officer. This will require the use of secondary screening processes.

Privacy concerns have been diminished as the image displayed on the body scanner is a generic human profile with a general indicator of a detected item. A screening officer will apply the use of other screening techniques, including a targeted frisk search to clear an alarm.

For more information on the new body scanners, click here.