Qantas Group introduces safer flying practices

Qantas Group introduces safer flying practices

Qantas Group introduces safer flying practices

19 May 2020

Qantas Group has announced the introduction of its ‘Fly Well’ campaign, preparing for travel restrictions easing. The ‘Fly Well’ program brings together a number of temporary measures already in use by the Qantas Group, including on repatriation flights from virus hot-spots, and represents a combination of best-practice medical advice and feedback from customers.

Qantas and Jetstar will roll out a series of wellbeing improvements to give peace-of-mind in preparation for domestic travel restrictions easing, including:


Information sent to all customers before they fly, so they know what to expect. Contactless check-in (via online/app) and self-serve bag drop, including using Q Bag Tags. Social distancing at boarding and disembarking to minimise crowding. Self-scanning of boarding passes. Hand sanitising stations throughout the terminal and at departure gates. Temporary changes to Qantas Lounges, including increased physical distancing, hand sanitising stations, enhanced disinfection of surfaces and changes to food and drink service. Regular disinfection of security screening points and installing hygiene screens at airline customer service desks.

Onboard the plane

Enhanced cleaning of aircraft, with a focus on high contact areas. Masks will be provided to all passengers – while these are not mandatory from a safety point of view, they are recommended to be worn for everyone’s peace-of-mind. Customers can also bring their own mask if they would prefer. Sanitising wipes given to all passengers to wipe down seat belts, trays and armrests themselves, if preferred. Simplified service and catering to minimise touchpoints for crew and passengers. Passengers asked to limit movement around the cabin, once seated. Our people are trained to follow strict personal hygiene protocols.

Once onboard the aircraft, the risk of inflight transmission is extremely low. The air conditioning systems of all Qantas and Jetstar aircraft are already fitted with hospital-grade HEPA filters, which remove 99.9% of all particles including viruses. The air inside the cabin is also refreshed every few minutes, ensuring the highest possible quality of cabin air.

The configuration of the aircraft, including the seats and galley, also act as a natural barrier, and people are not seated face to face.

To ensure you can book with confidence, Qantas is introducing further flight flexibility on domestic and international flights. For more information visit

For more information on the full list of implemented procedures, click here.