Security Screening Update

Security Screening Update

Security Screening Update

02 June 2022

Get ready to fly

If you’re like most, it’s probably been a little while since you’ve flown anywhere. With domestic borders all open and air travel returning to normal, you’ll likely find yourself on a plane again very soon!

During the last 24 months, Canberra Airport’s had some fancy new upgrades to make your terminal experience a breeze. One of the most significant changes you’ll notice is security. If you’re set to jet soon, take note of these quick tips to help you fly through security as quickly as possible!

Everything needs to come out of your pockets

This includes everyday items including keys, phones, wallets, and earphones. Pop them under the flap in the tray to keep them all nice and safe as they pass through our equipment.

Laptops can stay in your carry on

There is no need to remove tablets or laptops from your bags anymore; how convenient! Just pop your bag in a tray and send it on its way through security screening.

Remove any jackets and coats

The new security screening machines are extremely sensitive. All bulky clothing items need to be removed and placed in a tray before passing through security screening. Jackets and coats are the most common items, but scarves, beanies and gloves will also need to be removed and placed in a tray.

Belts, watches, glasses and shoes can stay on

Great news, our new system means that belts, watches, glasses and shoes can stay on you while you pass through security! There’s no longer any need to remove these items. Items such as jewellery may also stay on. This will save you so much time, amazing!


The following items are not permitted through security

Security is Canberra Airport’s #1 priority. The following items are not allowed:

For more information, visit the Department of Home Affairs webpage on Dangerous Goods.

Additional support

If you have any concerns going through security, please ask the friendly staff.