Sydney Flights Diverted to Canberra

Sydney Flights Diverted to Canberra

Sydney Flights Diverted to Canberra

30 March 2015

Thunder storms and high winds closing the duty runway at Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport have seen more than a dozen flights including several international aircraft diverted from Australia’s busiest airport to the National Capital in the past two days.

On Monday there were 11 diversions: six Qantas Airways flights including one international, three Virgin Australia flights including one international and two Tiger Airways flights.

Today there were another three diversions: two Qantas flights and one Virgin Australia flight.

“The events of the past two days demonstrate yet again Canberra Airport’s important role as a backstop for Kingsford-Smith Airport,” Canberra Airport Managing Director Stephen Byron said.

“Canberra Airport is a vital part of the national transport infrastructure with airlines nominating our airport as their preferred destination over Brisbane and Melbourne if they cannot get into Sydney for any reason, such as the curfew there or the sort of weather that shuts down their duty runway.

“Canberra is the only 747-capable airport between Brisbane and Melbourne and either of those ports would have caused a much more dramatic and disruptive diversion for passengers.

“There is no better demonstration of Canberra Airport’s capability than the accommodation of and management of this additional air traffic.”