Tips to clear security checks quickly and easily

Tips to clear security checks quickly and easily

Tips to clear security checks quickly and easily

05 August 2022

Travelling soon?

Before you arrive at the airport, prepare yourself for screening by knowing what you can and cannot take on board, and understand the screening process.

Security Screening 

Everyone must be screened before entering an Australian airport’s secure area and boarding a flight. This includes passengers, those escorting them to the gate, crews, and airport workers.

Know what you can and can’t bring to the airport and the screening process before you arrive. 

The Screening Process

Put wallets and purses in carry-on bags. Place liquid, aerosol, and gel goods in a tray (departing international terminal only). Put powders on a tray (departing international terminal only). Put keys, coins,  laptops and phones in the tray. Put jackets, hats, and jewellery in the tray. Before screening, disclose any medical equipment, aids, or implants. Enter the body scanner. Depending on any issues, you may need to undergo security screening again. If required, other screening approaches are possible (hand-held metal detector, frisk search). After screening, you may be randomly selected for explosive trace detection.

Body Scanners

Body scanners are used to identify prohibited goods worn or carried on your body at Australian international airports. The use of a body scanner is random; you might be chosen at any time. If you refuse to be scanned, you will not be able to proceed through the security checkpoint or board your aircraft.

Please notify the security screening officer if you have a medical or physical condition that prohibits you from being scanned by a body scanner.

Carry-on Baggage

Some goods cannot be transported onboard an aeroplane because they could endanger other passengers and staff. If these objects are found, you may lose them. These include prohibited items dangerous goods powders, liquids, aerosols and gels.

Airports and airlines aren’t required to store or return items.

Check with your airline or leave an item at home if you’re unsure if it’s permitted.

Check with your airline to see if you may pack the item in your checked luggage.

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