Transport innovations showcase smart Canberra

Transport innovations showcase smart Canberra

Transport innovations showcase smart Canberra

30 September 2015

Canberra Airport today welcomed the ACT Government’s announcement of the introduction of ride-sharing and reforms to taxi licencing.

“This is a great win for tourists and for the international reputation of our city as smart and innovative,” Managing Director Stephen Byron said.

“The introduction of ride-sharing provides more choice in travel options, and the reduction in taxi licence fees will encourage competition and better services to passengers.

“Our focus is on travellers being able to move to and from the airport in the most efficient manner possible.

“We have long called for the expansion of taxi licences to better accommodate the needs of visitors to Canberra.

“Now people will be able to choose from convenient buses, taxis and ride-sharing options at Canberra Airport and that is a great outcome for the travelling public.”

Mr Byron said careful planning had gone into the new terminal around what future ground transport might look like.

“Our investment ahead of time means we can appropriately accommodate different modes of transport.

“Just as we have an air-conditioned indoor taxi rank for customers choosing cabs, so we have an air-conditioned lounge tailored to the needs of ride-sharing customers.

“We congratulate the ACT Government and look forward to welcoming Uber and other ride-sharing operators in the future.”

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